Scare Actors wanted

Nightmare cleveland presents

a live action laser tag experience

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Face off against massive hordes

As you navigate through the BIOTECK facility you will come into contact with multiple hordes and interactive sequences each more daring than the last. You will traverse through multiple levels of the facility completing objectives along the way.

Work as a team

You will be tasked with eliminating all threats that have been unleashed within the confines of this desolate facility. Enemies lurk and engage from every direction, it's important to watch your back at all times.

Experience state of the art equipment

Each player will be equipped with the latest technology in laser tag weaponry. These cutting-edge laser tag guns feature realistic recoil and authentic sound effects, enhancing the sensation of being in a high-stakes combat situation. The combination of visual, auditory and tactile feedback creates a heightened sense of immersion, making every encounter with enemies a heart-pounding moment.

TICKETS are only available online and are extremely limited

*Due to the nature of this event, no refunds or exchanges will be accepted.